Green your Bitcoin

Bitcoin mining is incentivised by Bitcoin having value. Holding and not selling Bitcoin creates that value. If you hold X% of available Bitcoin you are incentivising X% of total mining.

Below is a simple calculator that takes your Bitcoin holdings and works out the % of Bitcoin mining you incentivise. If you subsidise that amount of green mining, your Bitcoin will be carbon neutral.

Want to know more?

Read the white paper at

Listen to Troy Cross & Andrew M. Bailey explain it on:
Smart People Shit - Dennis Porter
The Progressive Bitcoiner - Mark Stephany
What Bitcoin Did - Peter McCormack

Select currency

(1 BTC = $16,877.46)

Enter your bitcoin holdings

BTC 100

BTC 100 incentivises

1,530.537TH/s of mining

Or 13.91 Antminer s19 Pros at 110 TH/s

How is this calculated?

Given a total BTC supply of BTC 19,244,056.25
and if we assume BTC 3,000,000 to be lost.
This leaves an effective total supply of

BTC 16,244,056.25

of which you hold:


Applying this percentage to the 3 month average global hashrate of:

248,621,230.805 TH/s

gives us the hashrate that your holdings incentivise:

1,530.537 TH/s

Or 13.91 Antminer s19 Pros at 110 TH/s

To ensure your BTC holdings are carbon neutral you can mine this amount or more with renewable energy, or purchase an equivalent Green Co-investment (GCI) instrument.

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This is an experimental calculator contact any of us on twitter or github with your comments.

Built by IslandHODL Twitter / Github
Inspired by Troy Cross & Andrew M. Bailey at
Hashrate and total supply from @glassnode

A note on privacy and ‘Vercel Insights’

There is no data collected by this webpage, the numbers you put into the calculator are not stored anywhere.

The calculator is currently hosted for free by Vercel, who provide continous integration and a very easy developer experience. One visitor noted the api call to in the developer tab. These insights simply store the time it took to load the website. There is no other data stored or collected and I can’t switch them off.

See this twitter thread for more details.